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Exit 9 Club Card members know how nice it is to earn points on their purchases - points that apply toward gift cards for future purchases.

There are some wines that earn card members triple the points. That's especially nice! The current selection (located at the front of the store), includes some fun wines.

I couldn't resist trying a couple - the Heredis Nebbiolo Langhe and the Snowline Pinot Gris.
The Nebbiolo is a dry red wine made from grapes grown in Langhe in Piedmont, Italy, the same general area where nebbiolo is grown to produce world-renowned Barolo and Barbaresco wines. The Langhe Nebbiolos are considered softer and more accessible, not requiring the aging that goes into those powerhouse wines.

The Heredis is delightful. Light-bodied and ruby-colored, it has a spicy nose with hints of raspberry. On the palate, it is beautifully balanced, with light tannins providing just the right structure to complement soft fruit notes. It's the perfect wine to enjoy with earthy dishes like mushroom risotto or lamb stew - or even pepperoni pizza. A very enjoyable and affordable wine at $13.82 for Club Club members.

The Snowline Pinot Gris is another winner.

Made from grapes grown in the Columbia Valley in Washington state, the wine exhibits the classic qualities of  Alsatian style Pinot Gris (a variation of Pinot Grigio), which are notes of honeysuckle and melon on the nose with low acidity on the palate and an almost oily (in a good way) mouthfeel. It's light-bodied and pale-colored like its relative the Italian-style Pinot Grigio.

The nose jumps out at you, and the taste is clean and lingering. A perfect pairing with seafood, salads, chicken and creamy cheeses, but especially with clams. Just $10.21 for Club Card members.