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Top 10 "Can't Miss" Whiskeys of 2023
We're rolling out our own top 10 list where we'll run down our "Can't Miss" whiskeys from 2023.

A number of factors were taken under consideration when putting this list together. First and foremost was the quality of the whiskey; because what good is a list of whiskeys that were just "ok?" Second was availability. Too many "Top X" lists are a who's who of bottles that are nearly impossible to find. The final factor was excitement; did this bottle move the needle for us? If yes, then it was in consideration for the top 10.

We'll be unveiling our top 10 throughout the week, starting with numbers 10-8 on Tuesday, Dec. 5 and finishing with our No. 1 whiskey on Friday, Dec. 8. Check back daily and follow along below!