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Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse - Single Barrel Selections

One of the hallmarks of Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse's spirits selection, our Single Barrel options have grown tremendously in recent years. We embrace both larger and smaller producers, finding hidden gems like Nulu and Obtainium to compliment the likes of Whistle Pig and Maker's Mark. 

Our selection panel's mission is to bring you the widest selection of single barrel products, while never sacrificing on quality. We routinely turn down barrels that don't meet the standards we expect and we stand by each and every barrel pick on our shelves.

Featured Barrel - Sagamore Rye

A blend of Maryland and Indiana-style rye, this hits a nice, mellow mid-point between the over-the-top spiciness of Indiana Rye and the easy-drinking Maryland Rye. Sagamore Spirit's 7 Year, Single-Barrel Rye hits all the right notes.

Overall, Sagamore is softer in style than most of the 95-5 rye coming out of Indiana. The softness gives an opportunity to experience more nuanced flavors like honey and licorice, accompanied by citrus and a slightly peppery finish.

An outstanding sipping rye that also has more than enough backbone to stand up to the craziest of cocktail recipes.

Featured Barrel - Tumblin' Dice Bourbon

Flat out crushable. That's the best way to describe this bourbon. Our first experience with a product from the folks at Proof & Wood, Tumblin' Dice is a high-rye bourbon and this particular barrel was aged for six years and one month.

Bottled at cask strength (58.66% ABV), the pour is somewhere between dark amber and chestnut in the glass. Its deep and rich hue is surely indicative of what's to come, as the palate is complex and features notes of cocoa and cola. The finish follows with a hint of leather, along with the pepper and spice that you'd expect from a high-rye offering.

This one's perfect for fans of Four Roses, Bulleit, Old Grand Dad 114, or any other high-rye standout.

The Whisk(e)y Well

<p>Find yourself constantly going back to the well? Looking for that next great bottle of whiskey to add to your collection? Or, maybe you’re looking for a new daily sipper. Whatever it is you’re on the hunt for, let us help you find it with our new quarterly Whiskey Club “The Whisk(e)y Well!”
<br><br>For selecting annual billing, you'll receive a 10% discount off the quarterly option. For a final total of $971.96, you’ll receive four outstanding bottles of whiskey, each quarter, selected by our team. The four bottles will range in price, and your purchase includes tax (shipping is available to add on at a $30per-quarter flat rate)!
<br><br>Upon signing up, you’ll receive an email where we’ll ask you to detail your personal preferences so that we can curate your shipment toward your palate and preferences. As a “Whisk(e)y Well” Member, you’ll also receive these great benefits…
Four hand-selected bottles each quarter
<ul><li>All shipments will include two (2) Exit 9 Wine &amp; Liquor Warehouse single barrel selections
</li></ul></li><li>Advance notice on all single barrel releases
<ul><li>This includes any day-of releases (i.e. Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Blanton’s, etc.)
</li></ul></li><li>Advance notice on all in-store lotteries
<ul><li>This includes our annual Van Winkle whiskey lottery and any future lotteries that may be developed
</li></ul></li><li>Advance notice of all in-store seminars, including our highly-exclusive “From the Vault” seminars where you get to learn about and sample rare, hard-to-find bottles
</li><li>Exclusive access to our “Whisk(e)y Well” Band group where you can chat with fellow members about the items you received, share experiences, make recommendations, etc.
</li><li>Opportunity to help select upcoming Exit 9 Wine &amp; Liquor Warehouse single barrels
</li><li>Other fun opportunities yet-to-be developed</li></ul>
A unique way to experience whiskey here at Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse. The Whisk(e)y Well is our new, quarterly whiskey club.

Members receive four (4) bottles per-quarter, including two (2) of our single barrel selections for the low, low cost of $269.99 per-quarter. Each member's quarterly package is hand selected with their personal preferences and purchase history in mind and our goal is to help expand the horizons of whiskey lovers both new and experienced.

Members receive other great benefits including early notification of upcoming seminars and single barrel releases, opportunities to help select barrels for the store and much more! Click the button below for more information on the Whisk(e)y Well!