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Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving is just two weeks away! Do you know what wines will be joining you and your guests at the table? Let us help!

If you're someone who likes to try a wine before you bring it home, head over to the Wine Attic at the back of the store any day between noon and seven (noon and five on Sundays) for a tasting! There are a dozen excellent wines waiting for you. Thanksgiving's wine-pairing challenge is not the traditional turkey itself, it's the variety of dishes that accompany it. Crisp, refreshing whites that aren't too sharp or too flat; lighter-bodied reds with some acidity that will neither overpower nor clash with poultry and a variety of vegetables - these are the kinds of wines that are most suited to Thanksgiving's cornucopia of flavors.

With that in mind, from the wines in the Wine Attic, my recommendations are the WeinWurms Gruner Veltliner and the I Veroni Vermentino for whites; the Verga Intre red blend and the Encore Pinot Noir for reds; and even the I Veroni Amelia Rose.

Both of those whites are bright and crisp without being too big. Vermentino, from Italy, is often described as zesty, though its mouthfeel can be velvety. The Gruner, from Austria, is snappy and fun.
Everyone here loves the Intre red blend from Italy. It's Pinot Noir-esque, with lovely red fruit notes in a lighter-bodied, well-balanced wine. A delicious wine in a beautiful bottle, too, with three fall leaves on the label. Irresistible.

The Encore is a California Pinot, another wine with fresh red fruit notes that will complement, not cover up, what's on your plate. And the Rose. Featuring the deliciousness of a bright white wine with a hint of fruit from a red wine, a nice Rose like this one is a wonderful "turkey wine."
There are oodles of wines in the store for Thanksgiving. Rieslings, Gewurztraminers, Beaujolais (and Beaujolais Nouveau, which arrives on Thursday the 17th), and don't forget sparkling wines! My advice is to not overthink your choices. Yes, you want wines that will go well with the meal (and appetizers, and desserts), but the most important consideration is your enjoyment. Serve wines you like. Have fun with something new. If you're feeling overwhelmed, we are here to help. From all of us to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving!