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Triple Point White Wines

August is upon us.

It's a month that's synonymous with sunshine, beaches, camping, picnics - lots of warm weather outdoor time. The wines that pair best with this kind of living are crisp, clean, whites, best served cold. There are several of them among the recently updated selection of the store's Triple Point wines, so I was eager to check them out!

When you buy a "Triple Point" wine, you earn three times the typical purchase points for your Club Card. For example, on a $10 bottle of wine, you'll earn 30 points. There are some situations where a great value can seem too good to be true, and this does happen with wines sometimes. The Triple Point whites that I tried are, indeed, fantastic values, but they are also terrific wines!

Curran Creek Chardonnay

The Curran Creek Chardonnay is an offering from California. Chardonnays are popular worldwide because the versatile grape grows well in cool and warm climates. The wines made from the cooler climate grapes tend to be more acidic; the ones from warmer climates tend to express more of the tropical notes inherent in the grape.

This is the case with Curran Creek. Its nose pops with vanilla and a hint of nutmeg, and on the palate it's succulent and creamy, with lush tropical notes of pineapple and butter. It isn't overly oaked, yielding a soft and expressive wine that's a pleasure to drink.

The ABV is 13% and the Club Card price is $8.32!

Bodegas As Laxas Ferrum Albarino


The Bodegas As Laxas Ferrum Albarino is produced from grapes grown by the Mino River in Spain. The Mino flows through Galicia in northwestern Spain and shares a part of the border with Portugal on its way to the Atlantic Ocean.


The area is important for Spanish and Portuguese wine production, and this one is a classic example. Albarino grapes are characterized by their bright acidity, but also their subtle notes of stone fruit, like apricots and peaches.

A swirl and sniff of the first pour in the glass yielded bright citrus and slight apricot notes - a delicious bouquet. The taste is bright, refreshing and crisp, with a lingering finish of peach. Another wonderful wine.

The ABV on this one is 12.5% and the Club Card price is $12.79.

Weinwurms FUNdament Gruner Veltliner

There's also a Weinwurms FUNdament Gruner Veltliner among the Triple Point whites.

This wine is from Austria, where cool-climate white wine grape varietals thrive. Again, bright citrus is a characteristic of this cool-climate standout, with lemon, lime and grapefruit shining through.

On the nose of this one, I got a hint of honeysuckle along with the lovely citrus notes. On the palate, the citrus is delightful and there's even a hint of green apple.

This wine has tasting notes on the label that are as fun as the wine itself. They read: "A rainbow of aromas, fresh, crispy, young. FUNdamental companion to grand parties and small victories, to pair light desserts and deep conversations, lust and love, you and me..." I want to meet this wine's marketing person!

This wine's ABV is 12.5% and the Club Card price is $12.87

My pairing suggestions for these wines are so plentiful and very summery. They include any kind of seafood (think lobster rolls, grilled or steamed filets of any fish, clams, steamers, mussels, you name it!) to chicken dishes ranging from grilled cutlets to slathered BBQ, salads, cheeses, and party snacks. The more people to share these wines with, the merrier.

Take advantage of the Triple Points you get with these sensational wines. Three easy drinking, delicious, dry whites....you'll want to check out these wines.