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Spirit Saturday - Whisk(e)y for All!

Sat, Apr 29, 23
If you haven't heard yet, last August we officially launched our quarterly club, aptly named "The Whisk(e)y Well." The thought was to take every member's personal taste profile preferences and tailor-fit a quarterly package of bottles that both fits their likes and wants, but also helps them to branch out and experience brands and styles of whiskey that they might not have previously thought to try. For $269.99 per-quarter, you get these four bottles and MUCH, much more.

Everyone's got a "favorite," bottle, but if you're tired of going "back to the well" over and over, drinking the tired whiskey, we're here to catch you up on what you're missing out on, and what current members are saying about their experience in the club.
Our Process

Our process is nothing if not well planned and meticulous. Upon joining, all members are asked to fill out a quick survey detailing their likes, dislikes and their favorite and least-favorite bottles before closing with any comments or thoughts that might help guide our decision making process.

We take that, combined with any prior purchase history to create a snapshot of who each member is as a whiskey drinker and then set out to work.
The first quarter started off with a bang. On October 1, some phenomenal boxes went out the door. A four-bottle mix, consisting of two Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse single barrel selections and two "other" bottles.

One such package went out to Kevin B. who said he was "so excited about this selection. I'm really digging this Stellum right now. Waiting for a good time to open the Weller 12; Friday sounds like a good time :)."

Tyler here, Kevin got one of my favorite packages from the first quarter. In his curation form, Kevin mentioned that he had (a) won a bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle 12 Year in our annual Pappy lottery the year prior and loved it. He also listed Old Forester 1920, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof and Michter's Barrel Proof Rye as his three favorite bottles.

We knew cask strength, wheated Bourbon and big, bold rye whiskeys were all on the table and assembled a killer package featuring some highly-rated products, along with one extremely sought after bourbons in the Weller 12.
One of Mike's favorites, so far, went out to Ryan T. Ryan received four bottles, those being King's Family Distillery Maple Toasted Bourbon, Smoke Wagon The Younger and two single barrel selections, those being New Riff Bourbon and Tumblin' Dice Bourbon. This was a package from our most recent quarter, but Ryan is enjoying the picks. 

"Ryan came in saying on his information form that he was relatively new to Bourbon," Mike said, "but he had a few flavors that he noted being particularly keen on. Our first quarter's package with him was a mixed bag. We're going to take some calculated risks when putting together these selections, but Tyler and I are both perfectionists, in a way, so this was a chance for us to rebound."

Four unique products, all of which hit on a different part of Ryan's preferred flavor profiles in whiskey.
The Perks

Members are treated to a host of additional benefits on top of the bottles they receive every quarter. A few of those benefits are...
  • Early notice of all seminars (including our exclusive "From the Vault" series)
  • Early notice on all single barrel releases, including highly-sought after bottles like Eagle Rare and Buffalo Trace
  • Exclusive access to our "BAND" app message board 
  • Opportunity to participate in Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse Single Barrel selections.
In short, if you're on the outside of the Whisk(e)y Well looking in, you're missing out. Early notification of barrel releases has helped members secure barrel releases like Eagle Rare, Buffalo Trace and Old Forester Barrel Strength; while early notification of classes has helped members learn about, and sample, bottles from collections like Parker's Heritage, Whistle Pig Boss Hog, Bardstown's Collaboration Series and much, more.

They're also sharing opinions, tasting notes and more on the BAND group--which has developed into its own little whiskey community, and coming across bottles that they wouldn't have previously thought to try.

If you're interested in joining our growing ranks, we invite you to click the button below to read up on the club, or, click the "Subscribe Now" button to jump right into the Whisk(e)y Well!
By Tyler Duma