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Turkey Wine That's Really Fine!

Tue, Nov 23, 21

Turkey Wine That's Really Fine!

The most important part of the wine that you serve for Thanksgiving (or any occasion) is that you like it!! That said, just like a special sauce, some wines can really enhance the taste of the food. You'll find the Thanksgiving recommendations of the staff at Exit 9 up by the Customer Service desk toward the front of the store.

Among the lovely wines (and special spirits to enjoy before or after), are a couple examples of a wine that's gained a reputation for pairing especially well with turkey.

It's Gewurztraminer. Ge-What? You might ask. Gewurtz. Here's what you need to know (from Wine Enthusiast):

"Gewurztraminer is a white grape [whose] berries are deeply pink-hued on the vine and the resulting juice is often rich gold, owing to their highly pigmented skin and juice. A highly aromatic grape with a particularly strong flavor profile. Gewurztraminer is often identified by lychee and stone-fruit aromas and flavors. Rose, passion fruit and white and pink flowers are also often present on the nose and palate."

The delight of this wine is that it's crisp and balanced, but also has a lovely floral and slightly tropical note on the finish. If you haven't yet, it's worth giving a try. There are two among the staff selections, but there are more in the store that we will be happy to help you find. Happy Thanksgiving!!