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On the Wine Side - Triple Point Pink Wines

Tue, Aug 23, 22

Triple Point Pink Wines

There's still plenty of time to drink pink, and you can score another Triple Points home run with these wonderful wines!

Amelia Rose (I Veroni Rose)

First up is the Amelia Rose (I Veroni Rose), an Italian selection made from Sangiovese grapes. It's a beautiful deep pink color in the glass, and a soft swirl offers up notes of strawberry and citrus, perky and inviting.

On the palate, it's crisp and smooth, with the fruit notes nicely balanced with a slight tart cherry tang typical of Sangiovese. The wine hails from Tuscany, so when you're thinking what you might pair it with, think of an antipasto plate of meats, cheeses and olives.

The wine's ABV is 12.5% and the Club Card price is $12.95!

Jocelyne Rose


Next is the French rose, Jocelyne. Its label is evocative of an afternoon on the French Riviera, with a shapely young lady wearing a big pink hat gazing out on boats off the beach. So summery!

The wine is from Languedoc in south central France, which is well west of Provence, but also along the Mediterranean.

It's a pale pink color in the glass. The nose is barely there, with a whiff of
red fruit.

It is light on the palate, too, lacking any distinct fruit notes, but there was nothing unpleasant, either. While these features make for a wine that doesn't jump out of the glass at you, neither does it overwhelm anything. A friend described it as a "great second bottle" at a party. I didn't want to give up on this pretty wine, and I had some fresh raspberries in the refrigerator.

I put an ice cube and a few raspberries in a wine glass, poured in the Jocelyne, let it sit a minute, and enjoyed a cold glass of rose. The ABV on this one is 12% and the Club Card price is $9.88.

Scandi Wild Sangria

Another summery selection among the Triple Point wines is Scandi Wild Sangria. This is the time of year for Sangria - a classic wine and fruit punch served over ice, and this wine is even slightly carbonated (I guess that's the "wild" part).

We tasted this in the Wineology classes on Sangria, and the reviews were mixed.

It's made in - yes - Lithuania (!), but it's made with a Spanish red wine and natural flavors. It has distinct red and blueberry notes, and is on the sweet side, but not cloying.

Class participants who liked it even a little agreed that it would make a great base for a sangria to which was added fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and some orange pieces or orange juice. A splash of brandy would liven it up, too.

It's a fun and festive and very affordable bottle ($7.95 per-750ml bottle) that so wants to be a part of the party. Get wild with it! ABV of 13.9%