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Drinks with Dominique - Memorial Day Weekend ' 22

Fri, May 27, 22

At last, the summer season is officially upon us with Memorial Day weekend. I was delighted to see a couple of new arrivals at Exit 9 that simply scream summer enjoyment.

They are the Lemonade Stand wines from Beringer Main & Vine.

There's Strawberry Lemonade Rose and Lemonade Moscato. As soon as I saw them I thought, "sangria!" This weekend (and probably many others), I'll be getting the Strawberry Lemonade Rose very cold then pouring it into a pitcher filled with frozen fresh strawberries cut into halves or quarters.

I'll let the pitcher sit in the fridge for an hour or so before serving, and I'll then pour the sangria into large, ice-filled wine glasses, and top them with just a splash of seltzer and a garnish of a slice of fresh lemon.

The Lemonade Moscato will be added to a pitcher filled with bite-sized chunks of frozen fresh watermelon and blueberries, chilled for an hour, then served in large ice-filled wine glasses with a splash of seltzer and a garnish of a slice of fresh lemon, as well. Serve these fruity, refreshing drinks with your favorite snack foods for a great pool party.

At Exit 9 we have your summer selections well stocked. If you need
suggestions, we're happy to help. 🍓🍉🍋