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Drinks with Dominique - Belle Glos Seminar

Fri, Sep 10, 21

Powerful Pinots

It was a full house at the tasting of single-vineyard Pinot Noirs from Belle Glos on Thursday, August 26, and the wines did not disappoint.

The winery is owned by fifth-generation winemaker Joseph Wagner and named after his grandmother, Lorna Belle Glos. It's that kind of commitment to family ties and bonds that flows through every bottle. It sounds silly, but you can taste the love.

Exit 9 has three of Wagner's exceptional Belle Glos Pinots in the store, and we tasted through them, "traveling" north to south by vineyard.

First was the Dairyman from a coastal vineyard in Sonoma County.

Sultry and slightly smoky, this enticing Pinot yielded classic notes of cherry with ripe plum.

Next up was the Las Alturas, from
Monterey County.

It was another robust and complex Pinot, with deep cherry and blackberry notes, and lingering licorice on the palate.


Last was the Clark & Telephone from the vineyard farthest south, in
Santa Barbara County.

This was a knock-your-socks-off fruit bomb, with an explosion of dark cherry and subtle notes of toffee and caramel on the finish.


All the wines were beautifully balanced and smooth. All were at 14.6-14.9% alcohol by volume - rich, ripe, and juicy.

The wines are wonderful on their own and would pair beautifully with anything from mushroom risotto to antipasto to stews, steaks, and chops.

The bottles are as lovely as the wines, with a distinctive red wax dip, making them wonderful to give as gifts (make sure to hold
some for yourself!). 

You can find them in the Fine Wine room
at Exit 9. 

- Cheers!